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New Flint and Steel kit and Altoids Tin Leather pouches.

New Flint and Steel kit and Altoids Tin Leather pouches.

Hey gang,

For the new year, I’m expanding my lineup of custom leather goods. I’m excited about some of the ideas coming down the road over the next few weeks! I have the Budget Bushcraft line about where I want it, so I am

flint and steel kit strike a light altiods leather pouch
Traveler leather tin pouch flint and steel strike a light altoids tin.

moving on into more higher end gear for heavy duty Bushcraft use! For starters, I want to show off to you my new Flint and Steel kit. It’s a hand made leather pouch, designed to hold two of the ever popular (rightfully so!) Altoids tins. With two tins, I reasoned that it would give us plenty of room for our tinder, char cloth, strike a light, flint, and whatever else you might want for your primitive fire kit.

Why would we carry a flint and steel kit? The best argument I have is skills! I’m of the belief that we ought to have good, solid skills in making fire in as many ways as possible. A Strike A light and a piece of flint will keep you challenged for a while, that’s for sure! But whatever the methods you decide to use, just get out there and know them intimately. Keep using them since they are perishable skills. And keep adding new skills to your mental survival book.

Another good point I’ve heard is that when our regular fire starting methods run out, the ferro rod wears down, the Bic is out of fluid, the flint and steel fire kit will still be up and running for a long time. Sounds worth it to me! Anyway, let me get on with it. Introducing the complete kit first…with more affordable, basic entries to follow.

 Complete Flint and Steel Kit.

Includes the Flint and Steel (strike a light), 2 Altoids tins, and the custom leather pouch.

Flint and steel, altoids tins, custom leather pouch.
Flint and steel, altoids tins, custom leather pouch.

 This flint and steel kit includes everything you’ll need to hit the woods running with primitive fire. It has the altoids tins, the strike a light, the piece if flint, and the leather pouch to keep it all safe, organized and protected.

The pouch is hand stitched around all three sides with heavy duty waxed thread, in a nice Natural contrasting color.

The leather itself is a really heavy duty 5 -6 oz leather called Oil Tanned Leather. This means that the oils, waxes, and dye color are all put in at the tannery and the result is a leather that you can dunk in water and when you lift it out, the water just beads and rolls right off. This is the reason I selected it for several of my items. You can safely take it out in all for seasons, in any weather conditions, and not worry about it a bit! I don’t know about you but that takes the worry out of owning leather!

Bonus! Keep your fire kit dry and well protected!

It also requires much less care, though an occasional oiling won’t hurt. Use 100% Pure Neetsfoot oil or Obernaufs or something similar.


Custom Leather Pouch with 2 Altoids Tins.

Custom Leather Pouch with Two Altoids Tins
Custom Leather Pouch with Two Altoids Tins

This little kit is perfect if you have your fire kit sorted out already. Or, maybe you want to make a nice, packable fishing kit, or a bushcraft first aid kit with a nice leather pouch. Whatever you can think of that you want to carry and keep it well organized, well protected, and looking good too! 🙂

This kit Includes the same custom leather pouch as described above, and the two Altoids tins for you to fill, customize, and organize however you like.






Just the Leather Pouch, Please!

Yep, you can have that too! This is just the leather pouch, designed to fit your Altoids tins that you already have ready to go.

Leather pouch, ready to go designed to fit your Altoids sized tins.
Leather pouch, ready to go designed to fit your Altoids sized tins.


Add your tins, and create a fishing kit, FAK, EDC kit of some kind, whatever meets your individual needs!

And as always guys, if you see something you like but want some modifications done or customizations added so it works better for you needs, just let me know! Shoot me an email (Contact Page Here) and let me know what it is you’re thinking, so I can get you exactly what it is you want.

To read more or to order, click on the photo of the kit you’re interested in.

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