Custom leather, Handcrafted with Love in the Old World Tradition.

ESEE 5 custom leather knife sheath

ESEE 5 custom leather knife sheath

DSCN4594_zps620b2361Hi gang!

I just finished up a custom leather knife sheath for a customers new ESEE 5 bushcraft knife. I really enjoyed the project and the customer is thrilled!

It started life as a piece of vegetable tanned leather. After some careful molding and wet forming, it took the shape of the knife and provides a nice, tight friction fit that prevents the knife from coming out of the sheath without a good tug.

It was hand dyed in dark brown. A heavy duty welt was added along with a ferro rod, fire steel loop. It’s been double stitched using the classic English saddle stitch which is not only very secure, it really looks nice too. Nothing looks as nice as a nice, hand sewn saddle stitch in my opinion; that’s what sets apart hand made craftsmanship from something machine produced! It’s all in the small stuff!

This customer wanted to be able to wear the knife up on his belt in a standard carry, but also have a dangler option. If you’re curios on how that was accomplished you can take a look at the video.

The heavy duty D-ring is wrapped in Deer skin to take away some of the shine from the metal and give a nice, rustic look. I used two snaps, so if one should fail, the other will still hold the knife secure at the owners side. The ESEE 5 is a heavy duty knife and my whole design was made with durability as my number 1 priority to match the robustness of the knife.

Finally it was finished in my multi step finishing process, using a variety of oils and waxes to keep the leather supple but not too soft, and also protect it from the harsh outdoor environment.

Fun project and I think it turned out nice!


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