Custom leather, Handcrafted with Love in the Old World Tradition.
  • Custom leather knife sheath Woodlore scout carry

    Woodlore Custom Leather Knife Sheath

  • Custom hand made leather belt

    Custom hand made leather belt

  • Leather viking pouch bag and belt

    Custom leather viking belt and belt pouch

  • Becker BK2 scout carry leather knife sheath with ferro rod loop

Custom Leather dye and colors

Custom Leather dye and colors

Shown are the leather dye colors I have available. This is likely to expand in the future but for now, if you want something besides what I show here, Contact me and we’ll work something out!

NOTE: Color can vary a bit, depending on the qualities of each different leather hide, as well as the finishes applied. A heavier oil and wax finish, while better for outdoor, all weather use, will result in a slightly darker appearance to the finish. It will still look fantastic but I want you to be aware.