Custom leather, Handcrafted with Love in the Old World Tradition.
  • Custom leather knife sheath Woodlore scout carry

    Woodlore Custom Leather Knife Sheath

  • Custom hand made leather belt

    Custom hand made leather belt

  • Leather viking pouch bag and belt

    Custom leather viking belt and belt pouch

  • Becker BK2 scout carry leather knife sheath with ferro rod loop


Thank you for visiting MRC Custom Leather!

There is something special and unique about the smell and feel of leather. It blends in perfectly with nature. It harkens back to a day when people had pride in hand-made, all natural goods, things that lasted a lifetime and were handed down to their kids, and their kids kids. Quality leather goods are timeless while exuding a class and style that no factory made good can come close to.


As a kid I’d be off running in the woods with my dog, practicing some archery, or carving some sticks instead of playing baseball with the neighborhood kids. Yeah I was one of those kids…and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

One skill that I really grew to love as an adult is leatherwork. I enjoyed the creativity and the skills of the craft itself, watching a final product come to life. There is something special about having a nice sheath for your knife or a custom, one of a kind leather possibles back over your shoulder while wandering the woods.

Good leather lasts a lifetime or more. The way it feels and the way it smells fits the outdoors perfectly. It’s beautiful to look at and quiet when we want to be undetected by our prey. It also gently cradles our beloved bush tools, keeping them safely protected from the environment and our edges sharp and ready to go. Not to mention there is some pride and bragging rights in having some really nice leather gear, you know this is true!

Nestled in the foothills if the beautiful Sierra Nevada, Cascade and Klamath mountain ranges, the beautiful Ponderosa forests and chaparral valleys of the Redding, California area are the perfect place to work my trade in my home workshop.

My name is Mike Carlson and I’m a leatherworker. I’ve always enjoyed doing “hands on” work, whether it’s in wood, metal, leather, or other mediums. I recall one day in Woodshop in school when my teacher, after handing him a project, stated “I hate it when a student gives me a project and I can’t find anything wrong with it.” That was a complement I suppose.


I draw influence from my Scandinavian heritage and for my love of the outdoors and bushcraft. I specialize in  doing custom leather work for knife sheaths, axe covers, possibles bags, belts, and other goods for outdoorsman, bushcrafters, and hunters. I also make Viking patterned goods and leather costume items for reenactors, festival goers, and renaissance fair enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in discussing getting some custom work done, please see my Custom Orders page.

To get an idea of the work I do, you can take a look at projects I’ve already completed.


Thank you for stopping by and remember to get outside often!